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19 Gifts For Coffee Lovers They’ll Actually Use And Love

Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday celebration, here are some of the best gifts for coffee lovers. Coffee gifts that are smart, innovative, and things they’ll actually use!

gifts for coffee lovers

Being a coffee lover myself, these coffee gift ideas talk from pure experience. What products do I use and like most? What do I wish I had been gifted earlier?

This post will give you countless ideas to create your own personalized coffee gift or coffee gift baskets for a loved one!

If you’re looking what to gift coffee lovers, for a friend or yourself, you’ve landed right. There are many lists out there but none has such realistic coffee gifts someone would actually use.

This post is all about gifts for coffee lovers!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers:

1. Stainless steel, durable French press

A classic French press is a must-have for heavy users of coffee.

Something about being in direct contact with the manufacturing of the coffee (unlike automatic machines) totally elevates the coffee experience.

Plus, I can’t get over these copper accents combined with the black coffee itself. This stainless steel, durable French press makes the perfect morning coffee gift.

gifts for coffee lovers

2. Reusable K-Cup pods

If the coffee gift receiver is into:

  1. Easy, delicious coffee
  2. Has a Keurig Machine
  3. Organic, Ecological, Zero-waste stuff…

These reusable K-Cup pods are for them. So simple and easy! Look no further.

They would definitely make a great addition to all coffee gift sets.

gifts for coffee lovers
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3. Airless Coffee Bean Canister

This coffee gift idea is priceless. Keep coffee beans fresh for longer with this airtight canister.

It really does make the difference in brewing the perfect cup. Give coffee bean freshness the importance it needs!

This one specifically can be adjusted to the level of beans there are left.


4. Tempreature Controlled Mug

This Ember Temperature-Controlled Mug is something next level. You can set the mug to an exact drinking temperature for 1.5 hours of steady and perfect coffee warmth. Plus, the included Ember coaster doubles as a charging station.

coffee gifts for her

5. Nut Milk Bags

I didn’t know you could very easily make nut milk at home with these bags until I was gifted one.

Although it is not directly coffee-related, I believe these Milk Maker Bags makes a very good gift for a coffee-with-milk type person because it’s not very popular and is quite thoughtful.


I actually loved it when I received it as a gift! You’ll want to note this down. It would make a great addition to a coffee gift basket.

6. Demitasse Espresso Double Wall Cup

coffee gifts for her
kitchen storage ideas amazon

The right way to drink espresso. These insulated demitasse glasses are sleek, chic, and simple.

The double walls will keep the drink hot for longer and make the coffee experience more classy, that’s for sure.

7. Manual Espresso Press

A manual espresso press is the highest point an at-home barista and coffee lover can achieve.

I have included really cool one(left) and a realistic one (right). You know best yourself/your gift receiver and you’ll know which is the best choice. A classic, old-style press (on the pricier side) or a modern, sleek Espresso press.

kitchen storage ideas amazon
kitchen storage ideas amazon
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8. Iced Coffee Tumbler

GO CHECK OUT THE COLORS AVAILABLE. Thank me later. I have this tumbler with me all around the house wherever I go. Even if it’s not a coffee, it’s quite useful for juices or infused water. The Matte Black one is everything, honestly.

coffee gifts

9. Aeropress

An Aeropress is a lifesaver. For the French-press enthusiast or the at-home barista looking for innovative and budget-friendly ways to press coffee.

coffee gift ideas
kitchen storage ideas amazon

10. Instant Milk Frother for True Cappuccinos

I love having perfect, EASY, and creamy milk foam to make myself a true cappuccino or latte. This milk frother is ideal!

Every time, I feel so accomplished and main-character. Coffee is my “me” time. I should probably do it more.

gifts for coffee
kitchen storage ideas amazon
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11. Coffee Brewery & Roasting Books

Cute, curated books always work. Here are some coffee book ideas:

kitchen storage ideas amazon
gifts for coffee lovers
kitchen storage ideas amazon

12. Cosori Gooseneck Kettle

I swear kettles are the ugliest thing. White, plastic-y, large, and just. not. pretty.

gifts for coffee lovers guys

Until I was gifted this one last Christmas. Black, sleek, and stainless steel. It boils a kettle in less than a minute and has 5 temperature levels for the perfect, drinkable coffee.

This gift for coffee-lovers is one they’ll truly appreciate.

13. Stacked Mugs

gifts for coffee lovers guys

Stackable mugs! A great simple addition if you are creating a coffee gift basket.

14. Proper Barista Espresso Machine

If the budget allows, a person who truly appreciates coffee, its aroma, and its process will be head over heels with this Stainless Steel-made Breville Barista Espresso maker.

coffee gift basket ideas
kitchen storage ideas amazon

For a true coffee shop and barista experience, at home. No need to say more. If you know, you know.

15. Classic Coffee Syrups

gifts for coffee lovers

Classic coffee syrups.

If you know of someone who drinks coffee to-go too many times, this coffee gift is PERFECT for them to realize you can make flavoury, sweet, and innovative coffee without spending too much.

I was that person a couple of months ago. Now, I make my own Starbucks recipes at home!

Coffee syrups have been one of the biggest revelations of the year.

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16. Coffee Scoop and Clip

A “coffee scoop and clip” is a fun, thoughtful gift for coffee lovers who drink so much they need practical solutions.

It’s meaningful enough to spark joy, yet simple to give as a cute small present. Would work great for a coffee gift set!

coffee gifts

17. Coffee Grinder For Freshly-Grounded Beans Every Time

A coffee grinder is, in my opinion, the most realistic and likeable gift from the whole list. A coffee gift all coffee lovers would appreciate receiving.

Freshly-grounded beans have a certain romantic aspect, and for many average coffee-drinkers, it is a new thing.

coffee gift ideas

My best friend was addicted to capsule coffee with her Keuring machine, and I gifted her this coffee grinder as a joke, to see if she would start making her own true, real coffee. Safe to say she has become a true enthusiast and is nowinvolved in DIY-ing all the steps in making coffee.

18. MoMA Multi-ccino Mug

For perfectionists or scientist coffee lovers, this might be the best coffee gift.

With lines and exact measures for coffee, milk, and foam, this MoMA Mug will help them achieve the most perfect and true coffee: from Espressos all the way to Lattes.

19. Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This portable cold brew coffee maker makes the perfect cold brew while you sleep or work. Plus, the design is stunning!

gifts for coffee lovers

As a cold brew coffee lover myself, I wish I had received this portable cold brew maker as a gift. Unfortunately, I had to buy it myself, but I have absolutely no regrets!

So, all in all, this is a sum up of the best coffee gift ideas. Plus, they’ll actually love and use these gifts.

This post was all about gifts for coffee lovers.

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