gifts for smoothi lovers
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15 Gifts For Smoothie Lovers They’ll Actually Use And Love

Have an upcoming occasion where you need ideas for gifts for smoothie lovers? This list has the most useful, cute, and smart gifts for them to keep doing what they love: smoothin’.

gifts for smoothie lovers

I am a smoothie lover, (or smoothie addict if we’re being precise) myself so this list talks from pure experience. Which products do I use and like most? What are the smoothie lover items that are cute as gifts? What do I wish I had been gifted earlier?

Trust me, I am quite obsessed with the topic and I can assure you these are the best products someone like me could ever receive!

This post will give you so many ideas to create your own smoothie gift sets or smoothie gift baskets for a loved one who happen to love smoothies!

Whether you’re looking for a smoothie related gift for a friend or yourself, you’ve landed right. There are many lists out there but none has such realistic gifts someone would actually use.

This post is all about the best gifts for smoothie lovers!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Best Gifts For Smoothie Lovers:

1. duh.. a Smoothie Blender!


I mean.. pretty much self-explanatory. But it has to be mentioned! Although it might be out of budget or, if they are true smoothie lovers, they’ll already have one!

A smoothie blender like this Nutri Bullet is a must-have in all households and makes a very special gift for smoothie lovers.

2. Organic Coconut Smoothie Bowls


If the gift receiver is into:

  1. Smoothie bowls,
  2. Anything related Hawaii, Bali or surfing, or
  3. Organic, Ecological stuff…

These coconut bowls are for them. So simple and easy! Look no further.

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3. Portable yet POWERFUL Blender


Portable blenders are not unheard of, but this one is so cool.

To start with, it’s dishwasher safe so that’s already a HUGE plus, at least for me. It crushes absolutely everything that is under 1 inch in size and comes with the mini ice cube trays which are so easy to use.

Whenever I’m bored, lazy, or both, I prepare a smoothie in this portable blender and I never regret it or have feelings of dread as I don’t have to hand-wash ANYTHING!

4. Mini Spatulas To Scrape ALL The Smoothie From The Blender


It is a literal pain in the neck when you cannot reach all the corners of your blender and so much is gone to waste.

These mini spatulas make it super easy to get ALL the smoothie you have created! It’s dishwasher safe and I use it every. single. time. In my opinion, you don’t use it simply because you don’t have it!

5. Nut Milk Bags


I didn’t know you could very easily make nut milk at home with these bags until I was gifted one.

Personally, I believe this makes a very good gift for any smoothie/healthy organic person because it’s not very popular and is quite thoughtful. I actually loved it when I received it as a gift! Note this one down!

6. Reusable Produce Bags

kitchen storage ideas amazon
kitchen storage ideas amazon

Reusable produce bags are pretty much present in any smoothie lover’s vision board.

I have included a Realistic version(left) and an Aesthetic version(right). You know best yourself/your gift receiver and you’ll know which is the best choice. I have both: I dream with one of the options but actually use the other one. Can you guess which? Leave me a comment, please!!

7. Smoothie Recipe Cards


This smoothie gift is a major catch. You get 40 smoothie recipe cards, with delicious smoothie ideas, recipes, cute illustrations, and nutritional info… all in one!

No excuses: never run out of smoothie ideas!

8. Popsicle Molds For Leftoves


Or, better than leftovers you can ACTIVELY make more smoothie each time just to make some popsicles with this mold. They can be in the freezer for months and make such a good and healthy snack!

9. Smoothie Glass Cups with Straw

kitchen storage ideas amazon
kitchen storage ideas amazon

Thank me later. These glass cups with straw come with me all around the house, wherever I go. Even if it’s not a smoothie, they come in handy for juices or infused water.

10. Superfoods Probiotic Powder

kitchen storage ideas amazon

Superfood Probiotics is one of those things that is so easy to incorporate into anyone’s smoothie routine and the benefits are unmeasurable. Quite literally. You can’t really measure the effect but hope it will be beneficial. Because that’s the only way they act. In any case, they are adding points to your health and never subtracting. So, why not?

11. Smoothie Stirrer


These are the classic cocktail and smoothie stirrers, but with a cute tropical twist on the top.

They work great to slightly stir the smoothie that’s still on the blender or when it’s already served in a large cup. Plus, they are so cute and all over Instagram and Pinterest.

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12. Matcha Powder


Green smoothies with a tablespoon of matcha powder are another level of smoothies. If your gift recipient hasn’t tried it they get hooked quite soon. And, it doubles and can make normal matcha tea or matcha latte!

Although this by its own might be a little poor of a gift, combines with another item in this list could make for a great smoothie gift set or smoothie gift basket.

13. Açaí Powder


This açaí powder gives the rich dark purple color so characteristic in açaí smoothie bowls. And, on top of that, it’s delicious and super nutritious. I always add in a tablespoon, you know, ’cause “why not”. It makes me feel good. And if I feel good, I’m happy, and if I’m happy, things go well at home and in life. Açaí powder to all!

14. Mini Ice Cubes Tray


This smoothie related gift could also be part of a larger smoothie gift set. Not all blenders have superpowers, and many are quite noisy.

This problem is quickly solved by having mini ice cubes like these! And the only types of ice cubes I can unmold in 10 seconds. 🙂

15. Smoothie Jars


Mason Jars are one of the best smoothie jars, but these are especially for smoothies and their thickness. It’s the Mason Jar Wide Mouth with a slightly wider straw for that delicious thickness.

If you’re thinking of gifting, these Mason Jars alongside some açaí or matcha powder could make a cute gift package. And if you put it inside a reusable produce bag? BOOM. Best Smoothie Lover gift ever!

16. Smoothie Recipe Book

kitchen storage ideas amazon
kitchen storage ideas amazon
kitchen storage ideas amazon
kitchen storage ideas amazon

Another cool and more classic gift for a smoothie lover could be a smoothie recipe book. Here are two of my favorites, not because of the recipes, but because of the detail and curation to explain everything regarding smoothies, juices, and why they are beneficial.

17. Smoothie Bottle Mixer

smoothie gift blender bottle

Blenders don’t always achieve the smoothest results, but this smoothie bottle mixer can take it to the next step.

Also works for mixing in some thick powders like protein or superfoods powder. I swear, it works every time! I always bring it to the gym.

This could make a great gift for a true smoothie lover!

18. Smoothie Meal Prep Containers


Making and enjoying a smoothie is one thing, but meal-prepping smoothies in cute containers is a whole other thing.

Can you imagine, always having smoothies on demand with no mess every time? That is why these containers come in so handy!

They make being healthy, well, easy.

19. Smoothie Operator Tee


Have I saved the best smoothie gift for last?

I definitely have.

This smoothie operator tee is unlike anything you have ever seen. Simply brilliant.

So, all in all, this is a sum up of the best gifts for someone who loves smoothies. Plus, they’ll actually love and use them.

This post was all about gifts for smoothie lovers.

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